So I have waited a few days to post this, but my HCG level on Monday was nonexistent. So neither embryo stuck. We are moving on though. already have a new transfer date set in late January. Holiday plans have begun to take shape. I did start spotting yesterday and full flow hit me last […]


So POAS has said I’m pregnant all week long. Blood test HCG count is at 22. they were hoping for 25. They didn’t say I’m not pregnant Obviously. Just that implantation could have occurred later than they thought. I have another blood test on Monday. As long as it doubles or more then it looks […]

Tomorrow is the day

I know it hasn’t been quite 2 weeks since I last posted, but figured I’d give one last update before transfer. Lupron shots went well. I did every single one of them by myself. Although, I did have to take some deep breaths before each one and calm myself down. They were relatively painless. I […]

Good and bad news

So I know it has been a little over a month since I gave a good update on my surrogacy journey and life. Our Direct Agreement was completed and of course it all seemed very last minute as it was literally finalized the day before medication was set to start on 9/24. It is done […]